American legion auxiliary americanism essay contest

There is no freedom on earth for those who deny freedom to others.

American legion auxiliary americanism essay contest

The Auxiliary promotes many patriotic youth programs, including the Americanism Essay Contest. They also fold pocket flags to send to our troops overseas and present flags to local schools and businesses.

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The Auxiliary advocates for a constitutional amendment to protect the flag. For students in grades Grade levels are divided into five classes. One award in each of the five classes will be presented in each division. We have received a few questions recently regarding the title of this year's Americanism Essay Contest This is a wonderful opportunity to provide a "teachable moment" and explain the meaning of the words "guardian" and "liberties" so that students will better understand how they relate to the title.

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We want to be sure that younger participants are able to answer the question to the best of their abilities. Younger students will need some extra guidance. Make a game out of helping them to understand what they are being asked to write about.

The word "liberties" has many meanings but basically means the state of being free within our society from being told what to do, how to act, how we should live or our political views. A good way to present the question would be "How does your knowledge of government help you to protect our liberties?

It is a person who looks after and is responsible for someone who is disabled or can't manage their own affairs. They are just like a defender, protector, or keeper. With this having been an election year, all the media exposure has led some parents to discuss what is going on with their children.

We may have some surprisingly savvy 3rd and 4th graders out there! Give them time to think about it and have them write it down, not blurt out answers.

That would be a wonderful way to get their wheels turning and start building a foundation for their essays. Our youth are creative and more intelligent than we sometimes give them credit for. Let's open up the doors to learning as well as creativity as we work together to produce some enlightening Americanism essays.

EVERY student should be given the opportunity to participate.AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY DISTRICT For God and Country. Greetings. and Happy New Year to All!

In this issue we will cover a few ways that we can promote Americanism in the community and among ourselves. Also included in this issue is an Please review the Americanism Essay Contest Instructions and Rules. Taneytown American Legion Post has announced the winners of the Americanism Essay Contest.

An awards ceremony was held at a recent American Legion Post meeting.

American legion auxiliary americanism essay contest

Americanism Essay Contest names winners. Fond du Lac American Legion Auxiliary Unit #75 recently announced the youth winners from its first annual Americanism Essay Contest.

Americanism Essay Contest It is a patriotic essay sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary for grades third (3) through twelfth (12). The contest has different classifications pertaining to grouping or classes.

Dot Bozzone of American Legion Auxiliary Unit said entries were received in this year’s “Americanism” essay contest. Here, she shares a moment with Our Lady of Mercy Academy graduate Mariel Persico, who parlayed her 7th-8th grade division win into an .

The deadline for the contest is April 13th, Click the links below to view and print all program documentation.

Forms and Documents Prayer has been removed from schools. Flag is no longer protected from desecration.

Click the links below to view and print all program documentation. The contest is open to all New York State school children in Sixth through Eighth grades.

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