Astrology compatibility chart business plan

The first zodiacal sign, it is representing the beginning of all things in the world.

Astrology compatibility chart business plan

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Free Love Synastry Chart relationship compatibility by birth date

We are planning many improvements for next year, including yearly reports, faster loading times and using decans and incorporating fixed stars. All donations will go into a draw for a free personalized consultation!

astrology compatibility chart business plan

Thank you for your ongoing support! Are you still having trouble fully understanding your birth chart or cant get clear perspective about what decisions to make in regards to your career,life path and relationships?

Phone Consultations have special discounts for a limited time! It is a great time to reflect, understand and plan for the future!

Work Compatibility -

This is a time for turning a critical eye to our career choices and working hard to acheive your ambitions. I look at each individual birth chart, synastry and composite charts to see what are the possibilities of growth, challenges and if you are meant for each other!

You can reset to current date by click on today. Birth Orb sets the amount of degrees to allow for an aspect to be shown. Sun,Moon,Ascendant and Saturn are given wider orbs and sextile,trines and minor aspects given less power with a smaller orb.

The Power of Astrology

This is relative to the orb value provided Close Profiles Help You need to save a birth profile in order to do the birth charts and horoscopes.

It is important to know your exact date AND time of birth otherwise some of the aspects will be incorrect. Please include a name to save to and ensure you click on a place in the list when you type your birth location or you may have problems.

If your town is not in the list please contact us to let us know and choose a bigger town within 30 miles. After saving a user, select a chart type or horoscope to view. You can add as many users as you like. You can also modify the details after clicking on a user and changing their data making sure you click save.

In order to do a relationship compatibility report you need to click on the heart of the two people you wish to do the report for. The site is going through some major upgrades, you should only need to login once unless you logout and all users should be saved against your login.

If you are having issues try hitting F5 to refresh the site. Please contact us via facebook to report problems.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your ongoing support! Close Birth Chart Help The birth chart is an analysis of the planets at your birth, this includes each planets zodiac sign and house it is in.

Aspects between planets occur when certain angles are made.


The birth orb from the settings menu decides how much lenience the aspect would have. The birth chart represents a psychological map of what tools and challenges an individual may have.

The planets around the outer wheel represent the current planets positions, please see the daily horoscope or monthly horoscope to see how they interact. Symbol Table Close Relationship Chart Help The relationship horoscope report uses birth planetary positions and compares both individuals positions in order to determine compatibility.

The relationship orb from the settings menu decides how much lenience the aspect would have.Business Astrology is the only tool which provides the information through which you may predict the future situations and you may prepare for the challenges much ahead than others. It helps you to understand the opportunity that may come in the way of your life and you will able to plan for the risks.

Astrology for your Business. By paying attention to the changing cycles of the business chart, you know when is a good time to expand or consolidate. Astrology helps a business understand the nature of the business and how best to use the shifting cycles called transits & progressions.

Horoscope 2019 for Aries:

The knowledge it provides is like walking with the. Whether you’re a new astrologer who wants to build a part-time astrology practice, a part-time astrologer who wants to create a full-time astrology business, or a practicing astrologer who wants to more aggressively expand your current business – you must have a business plan to reach your goals.

Running an astrological business but you are not an astrologer: You can have an astrology business although you are not an astrologer by providing the goods and services listed below, either in a physical store or an online store.

This report provide DETAIL business guidance with in-depth and personalized and financial analysis & advice, along with unique Time Cycle Analysis - Business Cycle Analysis - Financial status Analysis - Crisis Point analysis - Its management and planning - Reading of collective influence & its compatibility insights -Answers to your question.

Zodiac Signs Compatibility Compatibility of the signs of the Zodiac With these zodiac signs compatibility reports, based on zodiacal sign's meanings you can take a fascinating new look at your family and friendships and your business contacts, too!