Contractors in the military essay

Originally called Santa Maria Junior College, classes were held until eventually a bond was passed that allowed them to build a wing specifically for the college.

Contractors in the military essay

Use relevant and specific evidence from both articles to support your response. You should expect to spend up to 45 minutes planning, drafting, and editing your response. The Militarization of Police: These are not isolated incidents—they represent a nationwide trend of police militarization.

Federal programs providing surplus military equipment have equipped police officers with firepower that is far beyond what is needed for their jobs as protectors of their communities. Sending a heavily armed team of officers to perform routine police work can dangerously escalate situations that never needed to involve violence in the first place.

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Military-style police raids have increased dramatically in recent years, with one report finding over 80, such raids last year. It should enrage us that people have needlessly died during these raids, that pets have been shot, and that homes have been ravaged.

Sometimes children are in the crossfire—often with deadly results. Our neighborhoods are not warzones, and the police should not be treating us like wartime enemies. The main beneficiaries of this militarization are military contractors who now have another lucrative market in which to sell their products.

Companies like Lockheed Martin and Blackhawk Industries are making record profits by selling their equipment to local police departments that have received Department of Homeland Security grants. Police departments use these wartime weapons in everyday policing, especially to fight the wasteful and failed drug war, which has unfairly targeted people of color.

Much is made of the militarization of police, from their acquisition and use of surplus military equipment, their training with and adopting similar tactics to the military, and intrusive search procedures. These criticisms are disproportionate and do not take into account the everyday facts of policing, including: The nature of the threat has changed: Terrorist attacks on American soil have risen in frequency.

When these incidents occur, officers need the best available equipment in order to neutralize heavily armed opponents before they can inflict serious harm on civilians.

There is little evidence that new procedures have increased causalities: Statistics of police killings of civilians do not show any significant increase, while deaths of officers in the line of duty are at an all-time low, indicating the newer procedures have helped save lives.

The vast majority of police-civilian interactions are peaceful: Criticisms about the overuse of SWAT teams and officers decked out in military gear ignore the fact that most officers patrol the streets in standard uniforms and interact peacefully with multiple civilians during a given day.

Rates of violent crime are down in most parts of the country. Violent confrontations are the exception, not the rule. Taking valuable tools away from police officers endangers lives: The stability of police shootings of civilians, the decline in violent crime, and the decline in police officer fatalities all suggest that current procedures are working.

Police exist to serve their communities, and while accusations of over-militarization are exaggerated, officers do still need to focus heavily on community outreach and dialogue.

The only way misconceptions can be corrected is through transparency, so civilians can see and understand why certain approaches are warranted. Write your essay and then review our sample response!Reuters explores the strategy behind China's military ambitions, and reveals how U.S.

allies and profit-driven individuals are helping Beijing bypass arms sanctions. Having private contractors work alongside with the Military can take some stress off of units that are deployed down range in combat zones.

Those units can focus on their missions at hand and can rely on logistical support and personnel support from basically private security forces downrange.

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whether the use of armed contractors in lieu of soldiers was ethical), (3) the impact of private military contractors on civil-military relations and states control of violence, (4) non-state contracting, and (5) laws and regulation.

The field is clearly concerned with more than just armed security contractors. Private Military Contractors and the Middle East Words Jan 28th, 6 Pages PMC’s take up much cost for a country to fund, and the increasing rates are bringing drawbacks onto working citizens.

IAGS is a publicly supported, nonprofit organization under section (c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. IAGS is not beholden to any industry or political group. 5. Private military companies in action Executive Outcomes as pioneer.

Perhaps the most famous pioneering example of PMCs is the South African firm Executive Outcomes (EO) which operated between and in conflicts of several African states.

Even among specialists EO is considered to have been one of the most efficient PMCs.

Contractors in the military essay
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