Ess topic 5 eutrophication

Inflows and outflows[ edit ] Outlet channel of Rodeo Lagoon Rodeo Lagoon empties into the Pacific Ocean when the water level reaches a high enough level to erode through the sand bar.

Ess topic 5 eutrophication

Create a scattergram with the two dimensions. How would you describe the pattern? SPSS If you choose to use the menu: Graphs - scatter - define simple - opendim and selfdim on the x and y axis. Find the mean for the two dimensions in each country. What differences between the countries stand out?

Analyze — compare means — means — set country as independent and the dimensions as dependent. It uses the data obtained in the last step above. This indicates that self-transcendence is more important than self-enhancement in all the countries.

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The horizontal axis runs from -1 to. This indicates that conservation is more important than openness to change in most countries, but there are some countries that reverse this pattern.

Ess topic 5 eutrophication

The profile of the citizens of Scandinavian countries on the two value dimensions is relatively high on both self-transcendence and openness to change. Does this fit your stereotype of these countries? Why do you think they have such a value profile? How do the citizens of countries with predominantly Catholic or Orthodox populations differ from those with predominantly Protestant populations?

Why do you think that is? Is the level of wealth of the countries related in any way to the value profiles of their citizens? Israel looks like an outlier on the self-transcendence vs.

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Note that the Israeli sample consists of two very different cultural groups, Jews and Muslims. Do you think they have the same value profiles? How about the Belgian sample: Do you think the Flemish and Walloon citizens have the same value profiles? If you wanted to answer these questions, you could compute value scores for these sub-cultural groups by splitting the files for these countries.

Create a new data file with country as the new unit. Please include the mean of the higher-order values and the two dimensions. SPSS If you use the menu: Data — aggregate — specify country as break variable and the variables to aggregate.

Use the aggregated file you just made and create a scatter similar to the one in figure 5. Please go to the following dataset: Investigate whether you can find any variables that correlate with either of the two dimensions opendim, selfdim.

Develop a model that aims at explaining some of the variation on the two dimensions.Symptpms of eutrophication of water bodies. Algae differ from microscopic animal life in our water bodies in their mode of respiration: they release more oxygen during the day than they use, and absorb more carbon dioxide than they release, while animal and other non-photosynthetic organisms release carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen from their environment.

Ess topic 5 eutrophication

Eutrophication also occur natural over thousands of years as the lakes grow old and filled with sediments. Still, human activities have sped up the degree and rate of eutrophication through both point-source and non-point source discharges of . ESS Topics > Internal Assessment; Mr Mikes IB Environmental Systems and Society (ESS) (ESS) Eutrophication.

Outline the processes of eutrophication. Evaluate the impacts of eutrophication. Describe and evaluate pollution management strategies with respect to eutrophication.

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DESCRIPTION. ESS Topic 3 Lesson 5. Discuss the view that the environment can have its own intrinsic value. Assessment Statements Comparing and Contrasting: 40 Writing Topics: Think about the last time you had to make a decision: right there is a topic for comparison and contrast.

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And right here you'll find 40 more ideas that might be explored in a composition developed by comparison and contrast. Eutrophication Introduction Europhication (the over enrichment of aquatic ecosystems with nutrients leading to algal blooms and anoxic events) is a persistent condition of surface waters and a widespread environmental problem (Carpenter, ).

The main cause is excessive loading into the system of phosphorus and nitrogen, resulting in high.

NOAA's National Ocean Service: Hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico