External and environment factors affecting tata

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External and environment factors affecting tata

It may be mentioned that there is always a natural background radiation to which all forms of lives are exposed everywhere in this world. It is very important to note that background radiation exposure rate in the Jaduguda area 1.

The radiation level around tailing pond area is also well within the permissible limits laid down by the AERB and International Commission on Radiation Protection.

The radiation level reduces drastically to the background values even at about 50 meters away from the tailing pond. The maximum possible dose received by the people living in the nearest village is only 0.

External gamma radiation, Radon concentration, suspended particulate matters, airborne long lived Alpha activity and concentration of radio nuclides- uranium and Radium in surface and ground water, in soil and food items etc are monitored regularly.

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Statistical data at regular intervals reveal no significant effect on ground and surface water bodies due to UCIL activities. Similar allegations made earlier have been responded to the satisfaction of concerned agencies.

In many cases homes are contaminated as well. As per the BARC survey report, the radiation levels within 5 kms. UCIL maintains and operates well engineered tailing pond in successful retention of its waste. The inactive tailing ponds are reclaimed by putting an adequate soil cover and the active tailing pond is kept wet for dust suppression.

External gamma radiation, Radon concentration, suspended particulate matters, airborne long lived Alpha activity and concentration of radio nuclides - Uranium and Radium in surface and ground water, in soil and food items etc are monitored regularly.

External and environment factors affecting tata

Those who work in these six mines are not even provided clothing, let alone gloves, respiratory protectors or boots.

The dates of the Public Hearings conducted at Jharkhand areas are: UCIL, on its own, widely publicizes and generates awareness about uranium mining and carried out awareness programmes at Narwapahar mines and at various schools at Jamshedpur through BARC.

Provision of breathing mask is required only where the dust is generated and masks are provided to workers wherever and whenever necessary.

Exclusive bathing facility is provided for all mine workers. Health Physics Unit assess the radioactive dose received by the workers. Regular medical check up is also being conducted on compulsory basis to monitor and manage adverse health effect, if any.

There is no village which is just a few steps away from any uranium mines or tailing pond. Jaduguda being an underground mine adopts cut and fill method for its mining operation. After recovery of uranium in the mill, the bulk of the material processed emerges as tailings.

Its radioactivity content is very low.

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The tailings slurry is neutralized with limestone and lime to precipitate out heavy metals. The coarse fraction is used to backfill the mines. The slurry containing fine particles is pumped to a tailing pond where the solids settle and the decanted effluent from the pond is received back at the Effluent Treatment Plant ETP and is treated to ensure that it conforms to the limits prescribed by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board AERB and the Pollution Control Board.

So far as tailings pond is concerned, it is well-engineered and designed taking all possible measures to avoid any radiation exposure to the public and to the environmental regime.

The exhausted tailing ponds are reclaimed by putting an adequate amount of soil cover. Tailings ponds have been fenced and guarded by Security personnel round the clock and also declared as prohibited zone under the section 3 D and 27 of Atomic Energy Act, Any breach that takes place is regularly attended.

On the other hand, UCIL operations at Jaduguda and nearby areas have had a definitely positive socio-economic impact on the lives of the people of the region. These can be summarized as arranging employment generation, housing, potable water, better means of communication and transportation, local market development, better education facilities etc.

UCIL provides employment to about people, majority of them being tribal from Jaduguda and surrounding areas.

This has totally transformed the living standard of the families of these people. UCIL has always laid strong emphasis on health, safety and environment and every effort is being made to search for further improvements wherever possible.How an Environmental Management System (EMS) helps create a sustainable business.

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“The people who work in the uranium mines in the Jharkhand province, as well as the 40, indigenous people who live in the surrounding villages, are constantly exposed to radioactivity”. External and internal environment of TATA in India. Print Reference this.

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