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Holland code

Realistic types prefer to deal with Things. A person with a Realistic Personality tends to be frank, practical, focused, mechanical, determined, or rugged.

Examples of Realistic Abilities include manipulating tools, doing mechanical or manual tasks, or doing athletic activities. Investigative types prefer to deal with Things and Ideas.

A person with a Investigative Personality tends to be analytical, intellectual, reserved, independent, and scholarly. Examples of Investigative Abilities include working with abstract ideas and intellectual problems.

Holland code

Artistic types prefer to deal with Ideas and People. Examples of Artistic Abilities include using imagination and feelings in creative expression.

Social types prefer to deal with People. Examples of Social Abilities include interacting with people and concerned with the welfare of people.

Enterprising types prefer to deal with Data and People.

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A person with an Enterprising Personality tends to be Characteristics: Examples of Enterprising Abilities include leading, managing, and organizing. Conventional types prefer to deal with Data and Things.

Examples of Conventional Abilities include ordering activities paying attention to details. Explore Careers and College Majors Format:Interests Search for: Realistic Save Table (XLS/CSV).

Selected occupations matching your chosen interest area are displayed below. Occupations are sorted by Job Zone, to help you find occupations that match your current or expected level of education, training, and experience.

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This Holland Code career inventory measures your interest level in six occupational areas to help you understand which jobs will suit your interests, talents, and aptitude.

The Holland Code Career Model is the Holland Hexagon or the Holland Codes. Holland Codes and the abbreviation RIASEC refer to John Holland's six personality types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and monstermanfilm.com Key organizes and scientifically classifies careers, college majors, career clusters, and career pathways by these personality types..

For a description of each type and how you can use personality-career and personality-major. Freedom Healthcare Staffing is a healthcare staffing agency located in Aurora, offering employment for traveling nurses and traveling medical professionals. Debra Holland is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Montana Sky Series, a collection of heartwarming historical Western romances.

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