How to write a resolution best delegate summer

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How to write a resolution best delegate summer

Resolutions and Board Action Reports are the vehicles used to debate and determine the policies, priorities, and direction of MSMS during the ensuing 12 months and beyond.

how to write a resolution best delegate summer

Therefore, a well-crafted resolution is essential in order to present the most effective case for those issues that are of importance and concern to you. Resolutions are presented to the MSMS House of Delegates by voting delegates on behalf of their county delegation, specialty society, ethnic medical society, MSMS membership section, or as individual delegates.

They are then assigned numbers and referred to one of the six House reference committees or placed on the "Reaffirmation Calendar.

A delegate can ask the Committee on Rules and Order of Business to extract a resolution from the Reaffirmation Calendar for referral to a reference committee. Process All resolutions are to be submitted online at http: To complete the online resolution form, simply fill out the required fields and hit the "submit" button.

Persons completing the form will need to the following information: The Committee reviews any late resolutions on the following criteria: Could the resolution have been submitted before the deadline? Did new developments after the deadline justify the acceptance of the resolution?

Were there any extenuating circumstances? Are there any other resolutions that cover the same logic?

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If the Committee on Rules and Order of Business agrees to accept a late resolution, the resolution will be immediately referred to one of the six reference committees for testimony and consideration later that morning.

If the Committee on Rules and Order of Business does not accept a late resolution, a delegate may ask to have the resolution extracted from the Report of the Committee on Rules and Order of Business on Sunday morning and present his or her arguments before the Committee of the Whole.

Structure of a Resolution Title: Select a title that is brief and accurately reflects the action for which the resolution calls. Begin with the inclusion of one or more "whereas" statements.

Because the House only adopts the "resolved" sections, each "resolved" section must be able to stand independent of the "whereas" statements. Example of an improperly written "resolved" statement, as the reader cannot readily identify the targeted issue sspecific action requested, or to whom responsibility for acting upon the issue s is directed: That physicians need to know about the process and extent of diversion in the community and need to act as described above.

Example of a properly written "resolved" statement in which the issue and "ask" are clearly stated: That MSMS actively educate physicians about the process and extent of prescribed opiate medication diversion in the community and urge the health care providers prescribing daily opiates in chronic pain patients to monitor those patients at a minimum with yearly quantitative urine drug screens.

Tips Paying particular attention to the following will enhance your chances of drafting a successful resolution: Ensure the accuracy of information presented in the resolution. If the Resolved statement is already existing policy, the resolution will be placed on the "Reaffirmation Calendar.

If the Resolved statement is not consistent with existing policy, indicate that you want to replace the existing policy. Ensure that the desired intent or "ask" is clear.

Consider whether the requested action is feasible i. Determine whether there are cost implications to the proposed policy, program, or action and if so, select an estimated cost range.When you’ve got all your important project team roles filled, you can delegate work more effectively and you know they have got the tasks covered.


Everyone is going to have a different approach to dealing with their personal stressors, so work out the best coping strategies for A resolution contains all the proposed solutions to a topic. Learning to write a resolution is very important because the ultimate goal of the committee sessions is for delegates to come up with written solutions to the problems they are trying to solve.

how to write a resolution best delegate summer

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