If i were chief minister of orissa

October 11, Traffic affected Seven deaths were reported in Srikakulam as huts and houses collapsed and trees came crashing down. Coconut, banana and cashew cultivations in over 30, acres were badly damaged. Trees and electric poles were uprooted, affecting traffic on the Visakhapatnam-Kolkata national highway.

If i were chief minister of orissa

After a brief debate, the lower house, Lok Sabhapassed the bill and amendment on 9 November History of Odisha and Historic sites in Odisha Lingaraja Temple built by the Somavanshi king Jajati Keshari Prehistoric Acheulian tools dating to Lower Paleolithic era have been discovered in various places in the region, implying an early settlement by humans.

He turned into a pacifist and converted to Buddhism. Kharavela was a Jain ruler.

Human Rights Watch is an international nongovernmental organization that monitors human rights abuses by governments and non-state armed groups in more than 80 countries around the world. Chilika Lake, located in Odisha, is the largest wintering ground for migratory birds on the Indian subcontinent. Oct 20,  · The Chief Minister, Orissa further outlined several interventions that were urgently needed for expeditious and inclusive growth of backward states like Orissa. Some such interventions included: (i) higher Central Assistance for infrastructure development in the areas of roads, ports and railways in Orissa and other backward states.

He also built the monastery atop the Udayagiri hill. By the reign of Yayati II, c. Yayati II is supposed to have built the Lingaraj temple at Bhubaneswar. Notable rulers of the dynasty were Anantavarman Chodagangawho began re-construction on the present-day Shri Jagannath Temple in Puri c.

The region resisted integration into the Mughal empire untilwhen it was conquered by Sultanate of Bengal. Ramachandra Bhanja himself was killed by Bayazid Khan Karrani. They agreed to treaty because their leader Qutlu Khan Lohani had recently died.

But, they then broke the treaty by attacking the temple town of Puri. Man Singh returned in and pacified the region.

If i were chief minister of orissa

It had Cuttack as seat and bordered Bihar, Bengal and Golconda subahs as well as the remaining independent and tributary chiefs. Fromthe Orissa and Bihar governors were reduced to deputies of the Nawab later Nizam of the pseudo-autonomous Bengal Subah.

The northern and western districts of Odisha were incorporated into the Bengal Presidency. It extends from the Subarnarekha River in the north to the Rushikulya river in the south.

The lake Chilika is part of the coastal plains. The plains are rich in fertile silt deposited by the six major rivers flowing into the Bay of Bengal: Deep and broad valleys have been made in them by rivers.

These valleys have fertile soil and are densely populated. Odisha also has plateaus and rolling uplandswhich have lower elevation than the plateaus.

The other high peaks are: However, locally the year is divided into six traditional seasons or rutus: Basanta springGrishma summerBarsha rainy seasonSharad autumnHemant winterand Sisira cool season.The chief minister declared a holiday tomorrow.

All government offices, schools and colleges will remain closed. Sweets were distributed among those present at the celebrations, organised at short notice following instruction from Patnaik.

Apr 30,  · Former inspector-general of police (IG) Anadi Sahu today demanded a CBI probe into the Biranchi Das murder alleging that the Orissa police were “delaying” action and were being “shackled” by the presence of top bureaucrats in the case. The late Chief Minister of the state of Orissa, Bijoyananda Patnaik a.k.a Biju Patnaik is one of modern India's eminent political leaders.

Born into a princely family on . The Chief Minister is the head of government and is vested with most of the executive powers. Bhubaneswar is the capital of Odisha, and houses the Vidhan Sabha (Legislative Assembly) and Assembly: Odisha Legislative Assembly.

If i were chief minister of orissa

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik reviewed the situation and administrative measures to in the aftermath of the cyclone at the State secretariat in Bhubaneswar. Cuttack: The President of India appointed Justice Kalpesh Satyendra Jhaveri as the Chief Justice of Orissa High Court replacing Justice Vineet Saran.

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