Nt1330 unit 2 homework

Guided Investigation 20 minutes This investigation is the second of a two day lesson. By the conclusion, the students will have a unit circle with the most important ordered pairs.

Nt1330 unit 2 homework

Warm-up and Homework Review

So you are working at two branch offices and have been tasked with where to place Active-Directory Integrated DNS Servers and what type to use. Before I answer these questions I will ask you one myself. If not I will enclose some details two my question.

Secondly you say One of the branch offices is very small maybe 5 users and has very slow network connectivity. Do you need a DNS Server and, if so, which type of zone should it host? Finally you also said the second branch office is much larger about 30 users and has better network connectivity.

I would say yes you need a dns sever for this group and I would set it with the primary zone the DNS server is the primary source for information about this zone, and it stores the master copy of zone data in a local file or in AD DS. When you configure a computer as a DNS server, zones are usually stored as text files on name servers — that is, all of the zones required by DNS are stored in a text file on the server computer.

These text files must be synchronized among DNS name servers by using a system that requires a separate replication topology and schedule called a zone transfer However, if you use Active Directory—integrated DNS when Harris, Marvin Unit 2 Exercise 1 Monday PM NT you configure a domain controller as a DNS name server, zone data is stored as an Active Directory object and is replicated as part of domain replication.

The zone at this server must be obtained from another remote DNS server computer that also hosts the zone.

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This DNS server must have network access to the remote DNS server that supplies this server with updated information about the zone. Because a secondary zone is merely a copy of a primary zone that is hosted on another server, it cannot be stored in AD DS. The zone at this server must be obtained from another DNS server that hosts the zone.

This DNS server must have network access to the remote DNS server to copy the authoritative name server information about the zone.2. The Marketing Concept. 3. The concept of Logistics. 4.

Nt1330 unit 2 homework

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Opinion about abortion essays argumentative View Homework Help - NT Unit 2 Assignment 1 from NT at ITT Tech Flint. Unit 2 Assignment 1 DHCP Troubleshooting Dear Junior Admin I received your request this morning. To start, lets. Find Study Resources.

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