Overview of igloo ice cream bangladesh

They try to position their products differently from other competitor.

Overview of igloo ice cream bangladesh

The careful selection and identification of target market is essential for the market expansion and customers satisfaction. Savoy Ice Cream Company identifies and profiles distinct groups of buyers who might prefer varying products.

It identifies wants and needs of customers and the ability of buyers as a basis of target market.

Report on Ice Cream Companies of Bangladesh - Assignment Point

Savoy sells its product to: Upper class Upper middle class. The marketing mix of Savoy Ice cream factory is discussed bellow: It tries to position its products differently from other competitor. The products of each product line are discussed below.

Chocobar Chocobar is one of the largest selling products. Savoy is producing only one category of Chocobar. Total quantity of each Chocobar is milliliters. Cone The Ice cream paste is filled in a Cone shaped biscuit.

The product is available in two different flavors i. Vanilla and Mango flavor.

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Quantity of each Cone Ice Cream is milliliters. Cup The Ice Cream paste is filled in milliliters of plastic Cup along with a wooden spoon. This is easy to handle and is highly used by different aged customer groups.

This is also available in vanilla, Strawberry and Mango flavor and with Ripple milliliters Cup. Liter Box Normal, Ripple and Special.

Overview of igloo ice cream bangladesh

This is another largest selling product. The product is mainly designed to be used by a small or a large family. This is available in three different categories, i.

Lolly This product is designed to meet the demand of the lower income customer groups. It is available in Lemon and Orange flavor. Different seasonal fruits are used to make it more delicious. This product is mainly designed for the high-income customer group.

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The product is designed for upper middle and high-class people. These are available only in Savoy Ice Cream parlour.

To survive in the market. To gain maximum profit. Pricing Method Pricing method normally means the route taken in fixing the price. Evidently, the pricing method must be appropriate for achieving the desired pricing objectives. In pricing the product, Savoy Ice Cream follows cost-plus method.Igloo is the pioneer ice cream brand in Bangladesh, having started its operation in in Chittagong.

Later, with the expansion of market, a new factory was established in Shampur Industrial Area, in Dhaka to cater the market demand.

The Largest Brand in Ice-cream industry with more than million Liters of capacity is offering to sell supreme quality extruded ice-cream made from imported danish ingredients of all size, flavor and color.

Igloo Ice Cream. K likes. Welcome to the official Facebook page of Igloo Ice Cream. Enter into 'A World of Great Taste'.you are welcome to provide /5(K).

Marketing Analysis Of Igloo And Milk Vita. Overview of the company. Abdul Monem Limited is manufacturing and marketing Igloo ice cream, country’s leading ice cream brand.

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this document gives an overview of the ice cream industry of Bangladesh and with taking igloo as the the main.

Marketing analysis of igloo and milk vita by Md Papon - Issuu