Supply chain management master thesis presentation

It also allows building up very good international professional network not only in the field of logistics, but also in different fields. Aljoscha Gruler Germany Good way to discover culture, logistic companies and logistics infrastructures of each country. Florian Urquia France For me the programme is a unique experience of studying in an international environment.

Supply chain management master thesis presentation

Methods that aid the manager in making rational decisions in manufacturing and service industries are discussed. Emphasis is on the application of models to managerial decision making. Configuration and application of an enterprise system.

Students may not receive credit for both. Different perspectives of individual and organizational decision making, and analysis and interpretation of data to make effective decisions. Operations Planning and Control. Includes application of techniques to accomplish the organizations mission by using productive resources.

Comprehensive practice of the Business Analytics process, including data extraction, analytical modeling, detailed analysis, and reporting utilizing business cases. Topics include quality planning, statistical quality control, quality design and measurement, and management of six sigma quality and inspection.

Capstone course for the fields of supply chain and transportation management. Includes case studies and use of current technology. Advanced Enterprise Resource Planning. Students use enterprise planning technology to examine cases in different organizational settings.

Program Structure

Developing and implementing a plan that completes a project on time, under budget, and meets project objectives. May be repeated once for credit.

supply chain management master thesis presentation

A total of two College of Business and Public Administration courses may be applied toward graduation. Seminar in Supply Chain Management. May be repeated for credit as topics change. A total of 10 units in any College of Business and Public Administration may be applied toward graduation.

Managing the Supply Chain. Integration and application of analytical techniques used in logistics and supply chain management.

Concepts of decision models are examined for planning, control, forecasting, scheduling, and analysis within an enterprise.

Global Supply Chain Management and Logistics. Topics include the management of quality planning, organizing, motivation and control; employee involvement teams for total quality; the quality of product design; management of quality and reliability; management of inspection and measurement.

Focus is on data manipulation, use of univariate and multivariate statistical methods to analyze data, sensitive analysis, goal seeking, random variables, simulations, queueing, and the use of Excel Power Business Intelligence Tools for modeling and decision support.

Both static and dynamic models of information management related to decision making will be explored. Specific topics include risk management, incident handling, threat assessment, allocating resources and system certification.

Also offered as INFO Transportation and Supply Chain Management. Logistics of managing the pipeline of goods from initial contracts with suppliers and control of work-in-process to the movement of finished goods through the channels of distribution.

Seminar in Supply Chain and Transportation Strategy. Capstone course on supply chain strategic planning, key strategic decisions, industrial and consumer supply chain cases, field trips to local companies, and discussions with professionals.

Master in Operations and Supply Chain Management in Barcelona - GBSB

Project will be under direction of a faculty member. Continuous Enrollment for Graduate Candidacy Standing. To retain classified standing in the master's program, a student must enroll in each quarter until the project or thesis is accepted or the comprehensive examination passed.

Students who enroll in through the university have full use of all university facilities. Earned units are not degree-applicable nor will they qualify for financial aid.Gaining Competitive Advantage through Improved Management of Information and Material Flows us the opportunity to do our Master thesis for Flextronics Network Services and Figure Supply chain management: Integrating and managing business processes across the.

Supply Chain Management illustrates the key drivers of good supply chain management in order to help students understand what creates a competitive advantage. This text also provides strong coverage of analytic skills so students can gauge the effectiveness of the techniques described in the text.

Introduction to supply chain management concepts and techniques.

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Methods that aid the manager in making rational decisions in manufacturing and service industries are discussed. Emphasis is on the application of models to managerial decision making. Premium access to exclusive online content, companion digital editions, magazine issues and email newsletters.

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Katarina Kilcheuskaia, Anastasiya Karalkova Bjørnar Aas Eli Hustad, HiA *The presentation is confidential, thus not open to public. Upate ROOM A Sep 20,  · APICS is the association for supply chain management and the leading provider of research, education and certification programs that elevate supply chain excellence, The Most Telling Leadership Quality of .

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