Television remote control by hand gesture

They Are Deaf London, Sept 5: The days of arguing over who will have TV's remote control are numbered, all thanks to British scientists, who have invented a ground-breaking gesture-sensing television. The revolutionary technology will enable people to switch channels, change volume and pause films by gesture alone, just like the way Tom Cruise did in the film 'Minority Report'. A small camera built onto the television senses when someone enters its field of vision and searches for their hand.

Television remote control by hand gesture

Researchers developed a way to connect body movements such as moving a cup of tea, rolling a toy car or rotating a spatula to control actions on your TV screen. This gesture control technology turns everyday objects into remote controls and was developed by researchers from Lancaster University in the UK.

Key Features

Matchpoint only requires a small webcam to be useful; it works by displaying moving targets that orbit a small circular widget in the corner of the screen. The marks match with different functions on the television, such as volume, changing channels or viewing the main menu.

Instead, when changing the volume or the channel, a slider will appear on the screen. The viewer can move their hand, head or chosen object in the direction they want which is then mimicked by the slider.

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Stationary objects can also be linked to controls, even when left for prolonged periods of time. This technology could also be implemented for other screens, such as YouTube tutorials could be easily paused and rewound on tablets without the need to put down tools or kitchen appliances.

Matchpoint is still in its early stages so no word as yet regarding when it will be available commercially.Robot control [3, 4], television remote control, presentation slide control, and visual mouse [7, 8] are common HCI applications.

However, computer vision-based gesture recognition systems are not very popular in our daily life due to two major problems. Gesture Remote allows you to control your TV with simple gestures, without pressing a single button. Using simple thumb gestures, users can drag & drop or point & select content – .

The days of rifling through couch cushions for a television remote could be coming to an end, as 3-D gesture-recognition technology finds its way into set-top boxes following a deal between Intel.

Gesture-Recognition System Can Transform Just About Anything Into a TV Remote The Matchpoint system allows a user to control volume and playback functions with a coffee cup, a hand gesture, or a. Australian researchers are developing a television mouse to replace the regular remote control, allowing users to change channels with the wave of a hand.


New Gesture Control Technology Turns Any Object Into A Remote Control. Developed by researchers at Lancaster University, this tech uses “spontaneous spatial coupling,” to turn even the.

Television remote control by hand gesture
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