The creative writing tiresome company

Who remembers the Balboa training montage in Rocky 1? So what does Rocky Balboa have in common with copywriting? Truthfully, pretty much nothing.

The creative writing tiresome company

Who remembers the Balboa training montage in Rocky 1? So what does Rocky Balboa have in common with copywriting? Truthfully, pretty much nothing.

Except…we can learn a thing or two from his determination and use it to inspire our own. Copywriting is a competitive business. One of my all-time favourite brands, whose brilliantly-crafted copy never fails to conjure up potent images of the Deep South and its rustic, homely vibe. Never been there myself.

And the greatest thing about reading their copy, is that it genuinely feels like an old Southern gent from Tennessee is sitting down and talking directly to you. It could even be Jack Daniels himself. Their copy is always brimming with personality. People like you and me. And who like to reward ourselves with a greasy treat after a tiresome work out, instead of lettuce and a protein shake.

The message is powerful. And the brand will stick to your mind like gum to a shoe. And the copywriters down at Tesco have done an amazing job of illustrating this.

Companies that are a little more sophisticated or corporate, for example, may need longer, richer and more eloquently formulated sentences. Now pause for a second and think about your own copy.

Can you cut down any of the sentences to make them pack a more powerful punch? And would this be an appropriate style for your specific target market?

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If so, this copywriting trick which will work like a treat. Trim the fat and serve only the meat.

The creative writing tiresome company

The Economist Another cleverly thought out sample of copy here. So while slightly obnoxious it really does an excellent job of selling The Economist to anyone who considers themselves smart like me.

The unexpected swerve in the middle where they stop mid-sentence is genius. Take note of how it inspires action at the end, and leaves you with the long-lasting feeling that this brand is simply awesome. Porsche written by us! This is evocative copywriting at its best.

Everyone likes to indulge in a spot of nostalgia and reminisce about their youthful dreams. Likewise, most grown ups love to chat about their dream car. Check out more of our copywriting samples and case studies, if you fancy a gander. KFC If you want to see a pretty damn clever example of how to respond to a potentially catastrophic crisis…this is the one for you.

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But if you believe that honesty is always the best policy, then Volkswagen use this to their advantage with this fun-poking advert. Known for their German reliability not fancy convertiblesVolkswagen indulge in a little bit of harmless sarcasm for the release of their Up!

InRicola launched a series of outdoor adverts that features scenarios where coughing would be inappropriate and most likely end in disaster for the coughee. You need to constantly hone your craft. Seek inspiration, search for killer copywriting examples and read as much new material as you can.

It can make the difference between selling out or fading out. We're about to launch our online Copywriting Academy.

And YOU get first dibs.‘The contempt with which Arts degrees are treated is a tiresome trope’ to enter into a Masters of Creative Writing. course in science or business is ridiculous. If you are creative, if.

Avoiding Creative Burnout 3rd August Posted in Blog, Communication, Content 4 Comments No matter how excited you’ve been about the ideas you have for your business or the topic you’ve been writing about, at some point, you’re going to get bored.

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Awesome, powerful copywriting samples from 6 of the world's best brands. These inspiring copy samples will get you thinking and your creative juices flowing! Maybe his wife just left town for a business trip and he had to drive her to the airport.

So, on the surface, this type of narrative writing is straightforward and entirely possible. It makes sense to most people.

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