The need for raise on our minimum wage

February 9, at 7: Another point to be addressed: What did they gain? They might be better off given their current status.

The need for raise on our minimum wage

These victories are the direct result of the countless brave working men and women who are raising their voices, going on strike and standing together to demand a fair return on their work for themselves and those that follow.

Here are some reasons why: The Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT Living Wage Calculator estimates the amount an adult needs to earn to make ends meet, adjusting for geography and household composition. Of course, the Washington, D. But many of the other households listed cannot.

American households are changing. Most anti-poverty laws are created with a two-parent household in mind. Recent shifts in household composition indicate that this approach might be misguided.

Census data, in Census data also reveals that the mean family size for a female-headed household is 3. The rent is too damn high. Standard wisdom says you should never spend more than 30 percent of your income on rent. The National Low Income Housing Coalition took a look at what this meant for people being paid the minimum wage.

Their researchers calculated how many hours of minimum-wage labor were needed to rent a one-bedroom apartment in each state: The closest you can get is 48 hours in Puerto Rico. On the opposite end, minimum-wage earners in Hawaii need to work hours a week to rent an apartment spending only 30 percent of their income.Some advocates of the $15 minimum wage wish to “stick it to the man,” hitting the billionaire CEOs.

This small business CEO, however, claims that “last year, my employees made more than I, the owner, did. Minimum wage workers have very little ability to effectively negotiate over wages, and an increase in the minimum wage can serve as a substitute for their lack of bargaining power.

We need to raise the minimum wage so families can feed their children without taxpayer dollars. By gradually raising Arkansas’ minimum wage to $11 an hour, we .

MONTPELIER – Less than 24 hours after the Senate Economic Development Committee approved a $15 minimum wage proposal, Republican leaders on Wednesday held a news conference to declare that the party is united against the bill.

New Minimum Wage Phase in Requirement SB 3 Frequently Asked Questions

Date. Minimum Wage for Employers with 25 Employees or Less. Minimum Wage for Employers with 26 Employees or More. January 1, $/hour. $/hour. Raising the minimum wage would increase family income for many low-wage workers, moving some of them out of poverty.

The need for raise on our minimum wage

But some jobs for low-wage workers would probably be eliminated and the income of those workers would fall substantially.

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