Thomas cole essay on american scenery 1836

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Thomas cole essay on american scenery 1836

History[ edit ] The painting was commissioned by New York art collector and advocate Jonathan Sturges as a gift to Bryant who in May had presented a eulogy for the painter Cole who had unexpectedly died in February of that year.

Sturges explained the gift by writing: Soon after you [Bryant] delivered your oration in the life and death of our lamented friend Cole, I requested Mr. Durand to paint a picture in which he should associate our departed friend and yourself as kindred spirits.

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I hope that you will accept the picture from me as a token of gratitude for the labor of love performed on that occasion. Bryant described his first impression of the gift to Durand, writing, "I was more delighted with it than I can express, and am under very great obligations to you for having put so much of your acknowledged genius into a work intended for me.

While there it received high praise in the press and periodicals. The Library was criticized for "jettisoning part of the city's cultural patrimony ," but the Library defended its move stating it needed the money for its endowment fund.

Composition[ edit ] At its heart, Kindred Spirits is a memory piece. Durand, a friend of both Cole and Bryant, depicted his friends in their companionate stance in a location they both expressed in their creative pieces.

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Cole would depict the area beginning in with his painting Kaaterskill Falls and the area soon became an icon of the burgeoning American landscape painting.

As kindred spirits, Cole and Bryant both shared a passion for the American landscape. In the summer ofBryant explored the Kaaterskill area of the Catskills with Cole. By painting Cole and Bryant together in Kindred Spirits, Durand created a visual record of the relationship between the art and literary circles of the early nineteenth century, as well as their common beliefs toward the American landscape and Nature.

Conceived as a memory piece for Cole, Kindred Spirits may now be said to be a visual memory of the era in which it was created. In popular culture[ edit ] In his book A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian TrailBill Bryson describes his love for the painting and how he would love to jump into the scene depicted.

Marianne Moore references the painting in her poem The Camperdown Elm.The Hydrologic Cycle and Desert Landscapes - Introduction This paper is a two-part essay involving the hydrologic cycle and a desert landscape. Boston Symphony Orchestra Music Directors Isidor Georg Henschel.

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Thomas cole essay on american scenery 1836

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Thomas cole essay on american scenery 1836

Fairburn and comment thereat by . Thomas Cole, "Essay on American Scenery," The American Magazine, n.s. 1 (Jan.

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Essay on American Scenery