Tough math problems

If you are the kind of person who relishes the thought of putting your numerical skills to test, online math solvers can meet that need.

Tough math problems

Strategies for Close Reading I hope you are having a fabulous summer so far! I am excited to be participating in the Notice and Note book study that is being hosted by Melissa at Dilly-Dabbles. Strategies for Close Reading By: Probst With that being said Words of the Wiser pgs. At the beginning of summer I took a district literacy workshop.

Part of the morning they focused on close reading. I am taking away so many ideas and practices that I actually think I can successfully utilize in my own classroom this upcoming school year. They give a script of how this signpost was taught in a classroom, what the teacher said and also student reactions.

Here are the highlights or jist of what you need to know about Tough Questions. This signpost helps students identify and recognize the importance of the major problem the character is facing. Share with your students examples of tough questions and non-tough questions so they understand what the difference is.

For this modeled lesson in the book they use the chapter book, A Long Walk to Water Now that I see it in this book and heard from other teachers I have to read it!! As you read the chapter they will give you excerpts of the book, so you get an idea of what they are talking about with the class and how they can identify the tough questions.

Some students might just respond by saying, "I wonder what the answer is. As a fourth grade teacher, I am thinking what chapter book would I use to introduce this signpost?

I think there is a lot of character dilemma where Suds is questioning who he is and what he should do.

Tough math problems

I also think fourth graders can identify with him and come up with the answers to the tough questions for Suds. And now onto Words of the Wiser I was originally excited about this chapter because they use the book Ride to Freedom by Pam Munoz Ryan. I use it for a guided-reading or lit circle book time to time.

So when I read this chapter I can see how Words of the Wiser works and how to model it to my students!

Words of the Wiser Also note that these lessons are not mini-lessons. You need a good chunk of time, say mins to fully teach and model the concept.

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As with Tough Questions you are going to begin by explaining what wise words are Using scenes from the book, you show how someone was giving Charlotte advice. Example, when Vern was telling Charlotte "You gotta do what your heart tells you. The authors do state that most of the chapter books they have read do have Words of the Wiser moments, not all but as long as the main character is a child or young adult, then a wiser and older character often gives advice.

Other recommended books for additional practice: These are geared towards older grades though. I really am excited to dive into Close Reading next school year. If you have any doubts or questions on how to do close reading, especially using fiction text, this is the book to get! I hope you enjoyed this whole book study!

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A lot of bloggers have included some amazing template that are free for you to use! I know I will be! Enjoy and Good Luck!Now you’re staring at a pretty tough problem.

Any problem at this level will require multiple levels of work to arrive at the solution. Be careful with these kinds of problems, as often you’ll think you’ve finished and found the answer (which will be listed), but there’s actually another step .

A question on a quiz for teenage mathletes proved so tricky for Singapore newscaster Kenneth Kong that he posted it to Facebook to find a definitive answer.

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Now the problem has driven the entire. Ask Math Questions you want answered Share your favorite Solution to a math problem Share a Story about your experiences with Math which could inspire or help others.

Math SAT How to Master the Toughest Problems contains math SAT problems suited for students who are at an advanced level. The chapters in this book will provide ample opportunity to practice only the most difficult problems found on the SAT.

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Adam Kahane has worked on some of the toughest problems in the world—in organizations and in societies—from South Africa during its transition away from apartheid.

Can You Solve the Math Problem That Has Torn Singapore Apart?