Write an editorial by the balance method on 60 years of indias independence

The national flag, adopted inis a tricolor of deep saffron, white, and green horizontal stripes. In the center of the white stripe is a blue wheel representing the wheel chakra that appears on the abacus of Asoka's lion capital c.

Write an editorial by the balance method on 60 years of indias independence

The first feature film to be made was the Australian silent The Story of the Kelly Gangan account of the notorious gang led by Ned Kelly that was directed and produced by the Melburnians Dan Barry and Charles Tait. It ran, continuously, for eighty minutes.

Griffith's The Birth of a Nation.

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Also in the early s motion picture production companies from New York and New Jersey started moving to California because of the good weather and longer days. Although electric lights existed at that time, none were powerful enough to adequately expose film; the best source of illumination for movie production was natural sunlight.

Besides the moderate, dry climate, they were also drawn to the state because of its open spaces and wide variety of natural scenery.

Hollywood[ edit ] The earliest documented account of an exhibition of projected motion pictures in the United States was in June in Richmond, Indiana by Charles Francis Jenkins.

In the same year, another fifteen Independents settled in Hollywood. Hollywood came to be so strongly associated with the film industry that the word "Hollywood" came to be used colloquially to refer to the entire industry.

In Cecil B.

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DeMillein association with Jesse Laskyleased a barn with studio facilities on the southeast corner of Selma and Vine Streets from the Burns and Revier Studio and Laboratory, which had been established there.

DeMille then began production of The Squaw Man The famous Hollywood Sign originally read "Hollywoodland.

write an editorial by the balance method on 60 years of indias independence

For several years the sign was left to deteriorate. In the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce stepped in and offered to remove the last four letters and repair the rest.

The sign, located at the top of Mount Lee, is now a registered trademark and cannot be used without the permission of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which also manages the venerable Walk of Fame.

The period between the years the effective end of the silent era to is considered the age of the "Hollywood studio system", or, in a more common term, the Golden Age of Hollywood. In a landmark court decisionthe Supreme Court ruled that movie studios could not own theaters and play only the movies of their studio and movie starsthus an era of Hollywood history had unofficially ended.

By the mids, when television proved a profitable enterprise that was here to stay, movie studios started also being used for the production of programming in that medium, which is still the norm today.

Bollywood A shot from Raja Harishchandrathe first film of Bollywood. Bollywood is the Hindi -language film industry based in Mumbai formerly known as BombayMaharashtraIndia. The term is often incorrectly used to refer to the whole of Indian cinema ; however, it is only a part of the total Indian film industry, which includes other production centres producing films in multiple languages.

Bhatavdekarwere the first two films made by Indian filmmakers, which were both short films. He was also the first Indian filmmaker to direct and produce the first documentary and news related film, titled The Landing of Sir M. Till then, all dialogues of all talkies were had to be recorded at locations during the shooting of the film.

Through Joymoti filmdubbing technology was successfully introduced to Indian cinema by Assamese filmmaker Jyoti Prasad Agarwalla. Most Bollywood films were unabashedly escapistbut there were also a number of filmmakers who tackled tough social issues, or used the struggle for Indian independence as a backdrop for their plots.

The next year, he made another colour film, a version of Mother India. However, colour did not become a popular feature until the late s. At this time, lavish romantic musicals and melodramas were the staple fare at the cinema. Following India's independencethe period from the late s to the early s is regarded by film historians as the "Golden Age" of Hindi cinema.

The masala film was pioneered in the early s by filmmaker Nasir Hussain[99] along with screenwriter duo Salim-Javedpioneering the Bollywood blockbuster format. Economics of the arts and literature Profitability of a film studio is crucially dependent on picking the right film projects and involving the right management and creative teams cast, direction, visual design, score, photography, costume, set design, editing, and many additional specialtiesbut it also depends heavily on choosing the right scale and approach to film promotioncontrol over receipts through technologies such as digital rights management DRMsophisticated accounting practicesand management of ancillary revenue streams ; in the extreme, for a major media franchise centered on film, the film might itself be only one large component of many large contributions to total franchise revenue.

Substantial revenues might also derive from licensing efforts and other activities centered around the management of intellectual property ; for this reason, various national film industries are heavily invested in the politics and legal specifics of multilateral trade agreements.

Hollywood is a large enough industry to impact America's net balance of tradeoffsetting some of the decline of employment in the manufacturing sector of the American economy since the early s; typical of recent economic trends in first world economies, a large number of manufacturing jobs paying moderate wages are offset by a smaller number of creating jobs paying high wages.

As an intellectual property industry, the film industry along with the software industry are central to modern globalization. The film industry differs from software, however, in functioning primarily as a cultural export.

English-language culture is the most globalized of all cultures, despite China and India having internal populations to rival the global English footprint.

For this reason, Hollywood is the dominant film industry in globalism and trade.Short Essay on Importance of Independence Day in India Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles, Important India On April 22, By Festival Team Independence Day is .

India’s struggle for independence was actively shaped, influenced and nurtured by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. As the constitutional method failed, Gandhi initiated Satyagraha. Bipan Chandra et al. write, “This did not mean, however, that Gandhiji had lost faith either in his non-violent Satyagraha or in the capacity of the Indian.

India-it's achievements in 60 years of independence. The foundation of independence laid before years in , which is described As First war of Independence got success after long years of struggle & On 15th August when a new Democratic country which has taken over the attention of the world with it's principles of Non-violence & peace & above all had many challenges before it.

Since independence, India has fought three wars with neighboring Pakistan, (it averaged % over the – 05 period), but the growth rate for the workingage group 15 to 60 years olds continued to accelerate, presenting government policy makers with the need to accelerate job creation.

Over 58% of the population is under the age of This is an archive of past discussions. Do not edit the contents of this page. If you wish to start a new discussion or revive an old one, please do so on the current talk page. Superpower is a country with a dominant position with the ability to exert influence or project power on a global scale through the combined-means of military, economic, diplomatic, technological and .

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