Write as the sum and or difference of logs

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Write as the sum and or difference of logs

See the note in distinct for an explanation of how related model ordering can change the expected results. Note It is permissible to specify a multi-valued field to order the results by for example, a ManyToManyField field, or the reverse relation of a ForeignKey field.

Thus, take care when using multi-valued field to order the results. If not, make sure the results are what you expect. With respect to case-sensitivity, Django will order results however your database backend normally orders them.

You can order by a field converted to lowercase with Lower which will achieve case-consistent ordering: You can tell if a query is ordered or not by checking the QuerySet.

write as the sum and or difference of logs

Each field you add to the ordering incurs a cost to your database. Each foreign key you add will implicitly include all of its default orderings as well.

A particular ordering is guaranteed only when ordering by a set of fields that uniquely identify each object in the results.

- Properties of Logarithms

Calling reverse a second time restores the ordering back to the normal direction. The above example will return the last item first, then the penultimate item and so on. If we had a Python sequence and looked at seq[ Also, note that reverse should generally only be called on a QuerySet which has a defined ordering e.

If no such ordering is defined for a given QuerySet, calling reverse on it has no real effect the ordering was undefined prior to calling reverseand will remain undefined afterward. This eliminates duplicate rows from the query results.

By default, a QuerySet will not eliminate duplicate rows. In practice, this is rarely a problem, because simple queries such as Blog. This can sometimes lead to unexpected results when used in conjunction with distinct.

If you order by fields from a related model, those fields will be added to the selected columns and they may make otherwise duplicate rows appear to be distinct. The moral here is that if you are using distinct be careful about ordering by related models.

Similarly, when using distinct and values together, be careful when ordering by fields not in the values call. For a normal distinct call, the database compares each field in each row when determining which rows are distinct. For a distinct call with specified field names, the database will only compare the specified field names.Announcement Logarithms [When I started to write this note, I thought, "Why reinvent the wheel?" so I searched the World Wide Web for logarithm.I found some nice web pages--at Oak Road Systems and Purplemath for example.

However, they tend to be variations of the . - Properties of Logarithms The log of a product is the sum of the logs. log a xy = log a x + log a y. The log of a difference is NOT the difference of the logs.

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The difference of the logs is the log of the quotient. The log of a difference . Free logarithmic equation calculator - solve logarithmic equations step-by-step. The two properties of logarithms that we will need are: If the argument of a logarithm is or can written as a product (multiplication), then this property let's you rewrite it as the sum of the logarithms of the factors.

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